Saturday, May 26, 2012

Love a Sale

I went into my local Payless to check out a purse I saw in the window. Then I spoted this cute crossbody bag behind all the other purses. I think someone was trying to hide it. Anyway, I checked out the price on sale for $10. Score for me. Do you see how long the strap is, love it. A lot of crossbody bags don't really cross my body but this one is great.

Then while waiting in line to pay I notice this little guy. You can't really tell but its a lizard with red eyes. So cute. To my surprise he was on sale too, $3.00.

Payless you rock. Not just because your one of the few places that sale my size shoe (13W) but you stepped up your game with your assessories. Great job.

Be Blessed &Smile

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