Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Challenge

First Lady Obama is always stylish; in casual wear, professional or evening gowns. She always manages to look great.

I on the hand don't do casual wear that well. If you look in my closet you'll find a lot of professional wear. So when I saw this picture it inspired me. I'm challenging myself to recreate this outfit; within my budget.

So far I've found the cardigan (on sale) & the tank.

The color jeans & shoes are giving me some difficultly.  I am 6'1 & wear a size 13W in shoes. Tall jeans in cobalt blue size 22-24 is really a challenge.

I going to over come this challenge, this may just be the thing that moves me to buy more fun casual pieces. I'm giving myself to the end of this month. Shipping and delievery takes time. I'll post my result soon.

Be Blessed & Smile.


  1. Hey just discovered your blog via CapFabb

    Have you checked Avenue or Ashley Stewart for the jeans? I know I've seen the cobablt blue style on their website.

    This is a great challenge, I will definitely join in because I have the same problem with casual wear.

    1. Awsome, so glade you decided to join the challenge.
      I did see those jeans on Ashley Stewart site; I was trying to wait for them to get in the stores.
      Don't forget to send a pic of you results.