Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Journey Begins

On April 14, I posted my acceptance letter from UDC CC (University of the District of Columbia Community College). Well, stuff happened and I was unable to start school at that time.

Today however is a new day, so know its official, I am a college student.  My first day is September 1.

Its funny how life works. I loss my job & became a college student in the same week. I'm not sure how I will pay the bills but I am going to finish this journey this time around.

Be Blessed & Smile

I have an interview already.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

First timer Style effects by Sally Hansen

Was in Target a week ago found this in the clearance rack. You might not be able to clearly see the price but it says $2.87. The original price was $9.95.

This design is Studio-IO Time.

It ended up being easier then I thought. Plus its cute. I'm not really into spending money at the nail salon so this is an awesome option for me.

Be Blessed & Smile

My life of unrest

I haven't posted anything in so long & believe me I've been missing it.

My life has become a lot more difficult when I made the decision to go after my dreams & goals. I've been hurt by those I thought were friends, accused by my management at work of wrong doing & unexpected bills have come up to take the money I'm saving to pay for my dreams.

So here's a picture of me smiling, because that's what I have to do through this process.

My smile, my praise & my thankfulness will be my weapons through this storm.

I'm back.
Be Blessed & Smile