Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Due

Those who know me or read this blog know I rock my natural hair with its natural texture.  Recently I changed shampoos because I ran out. It is a little expensive and I didn't have the money to order it. So I pick up a less expensive, very popular shampoo.  It recked my hair.  I will not name the shampoo because both my daughter use this shampoo and it works fine for them so it might just be my hair. My hair was so stiff I couldn't move it at all.  So it came to a point in my mind that I had to do something.  Now normally I would just go to the barber shop and cut it all off but I promised my daughter the last time I cut it that I would never do that again. So sense, I think, the spring of 2011 I have not cut my hair. Instead I went to a salon "The Hair Company USA Dominican Hair Salon".  They did an awesome job.  I would totally recommend this salon to anyone with natural hair that gets blow outs to go there.  The bonus was they were really nice about my hair.  Most salons I've been to complain or make issues about me having such long, thick hair.  Like I can control what God gave me. 

By the way I will tell you what "shampoo" I use.  I use WEN.  Its great for my hair.  It makes my hair soft, shinny and manageable.  I normally order Fig or the seasonal flavors like Pumpkin.  If you decide to try it out go to QVC its cheaper then ordering it from the WEN website.

So here is some before and after pictures.


Be Blessed & Smile


  1. Wow! I love your new do! It almost makes you look like a different person. I love curls and the versatility of how we can wear our hair.