Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OOTD: Thanks QVC

Hey everyone I think I mentioned on here a couple of time I shop QVC but I don't think I've ever told said why. 

Here are my top reasons.

1.      It’s easy. I watch the program, see something I like, order it and it come straight to my house.

2.      They have nice items that you won’t see everywhere.

3.      Easy Pay, it like lay-a-way but better because you get your items now not months later when you probably forgot about it.  I have lost money like that.

4.      Every size pays the same price.  Being plus size I get so tired of paying $5-$10 more for the same shirt. Really…. Did it cost you that much to add a couple of inches of material?


So thank you QVC for the Brushed French Terry Boyfriend Jacket  and the  "DreamJeannes" Tall 5PKT Knit Denim Boot Cut


Loved the jacket/blazer so much I went back for a second color.  You’ll see it on a future post.

Be Blessed & Smile