Monday, July 1, 2013

I Want Rasputia Confidence

In 2007 the movie Norbit came out.  I was 30.  I didn't see it. I didn't want to see another movie that would attack fat women. Which meant it was attacking me.  I have been fat most of my life and struggled with my self esteem most of that time also.  So I didn't see a need to put myself through that.

Fast forward 6 years.  It’s Sunday and nothing is on TV worth. Norbit comes on. I'm in a different place with myself esteem.  I've learned to accept and even love my fat body. I watch it. Two major things hit me about the movie. One, Eddie Murphy is a great actor. Two, I want Rasputia confidence. 

Rasputia rocks any outfit she can fit in and likes.  She didn't care about who looked or said whatever.  She even told the "pretty skinny" girl to put some meat on her bones.  Now I know Rasputia was the "bad guy" in the movie but I'm just speaking from a confidence stand point.  She wore her bikini, not a tankini or a high waist bikini. You know the suits they say are ok for fat people to wear.  No not her she wore the real thing and dared you to say something about it.  She also wore her white tank and jean cut offs. 

I aspire to have this type of confidence.  I'm much farther along in my journey then I was when this movie first came out.  I'm not saying I'm going to run out and buy a string bikini but the next time I see a short skirt that's cute I won’t just walk away saying that's for a small chick.  I will try it on and if I like it I will rock. 

Who knew a comedy could be so deep lol.

Be Blessed & Smile