Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hello World,

Haven't post anything in a long, long time.  So much has and is happening in my would.  Let's see the last time I posted I was unemployed.  Thank God that has changed.  I am employed full time now.  I was living on my own.  I'm know back with mom helping her out for a little while.  She had knee surgery and is recovering well.  The biggest thing is I'm a Grandma.  Big Smile.  I know, I know I'm to young to be a grandma.  My daughter is to young to be a mom (she's 19) but when God blesses you with a new life, you celebrate now matter the situation.  So I'm a Grammie and proud.  He is my little Cupcake.  She is my heart already at just one week old.

Be Blessed & Smile

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