Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Real

Normally I only talk about very happy things.  I don't put to much personal stuff on here, but lately I've been feeling all types of down.  I need to share and so here I go.

My month has not been great.  I feel so utterly discouraged.  I lost my job in September. Was laid off.  Have not been able to find another banking job yet.  I have started driving for Uber. But the lost of my banking job sets me back again on my home buying dream.  My children and I are living with my mom; which for some people would be a blessing.  It is in a way but its also hard.  My mom is a hard women.  I love her but truth is truth and she is hard.  I pay the bills she requires me to pay.  I try to keep my children in a way that will not anger her but nothing really seem to help.

My goal was to buy my home next year. I can't see it. I've fallen behind on all my bills.  Then there is always some new expense just popping up.  Life.

I know I'm still blessed.  I just need to figure out a way to feel it all the time.

Okay that's the end of my pity party as my sister would tell me.

Thanks for reading lol

Be Blessed & Smile

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanks Shopaholics' Suit & Fashion to Figure

Back on November 8, 2014 I attended this great event.

Shopaholics' Suite - Shop The Closets of Your Favorite Local Bloggers!

Shopaholics' Suite - Shop The Closets of Your Favorite...

I met some of the local bloggers I follow and other really great ladies.  It was a great event and I look forward to next years event.  They had great raffles, food, music and of curse great items from our favorite bloggers closets.  I happen to be one of the blessed attendees that won a raffle.  One of the event sponsors was Fashion to Figure. As a sponsor they raffled off two $25 gift cards.  I won one.  I was so excited.


That's me with one of the young ladies from Fashion to Figure at Bowie Town Center. 
After much consideration because they have such great fashions here is what I brought.

Wool Swing Coat

This coat is so cute.  I was looking for a good flare coat in my size but everything I saw was my budget.  Thanks to Fashion to Figure gift card and budget friendly prices I was able to get this.
The original price was $42.50; with my gift card I paid $17.50.  Can you believe that. Even without the gift card this great coat is very economical. Thanks again Shopaholic's & Fashion to Figure.

Be Blessed & Smile