Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Janelle Monae & Ankle Pants

I am 6'1.  I have been this height sense high school.  So pants have always been an issue for me.  The comments of my youth have stayed with me for so long that when the ankle pants trend first started I just refused to try it. Its crazy how things that happened a life time ago still dictate my behavior today.   I finally gave in and brought a pair of black ankle pants from Lane Bryant.  Mostly because they were on clearance.  Less then $10.00 for a pair of Lane Bryant pants can't be beat.  

So here is my recreation of a Janelle Monae outfit from my closet.  

I just notice the hair is similar also.  Not on purpose. 

I will be buying more Ankle Pants.  I really like the look.

Be Blessed & Smile

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wigs/Unit Review

Lately, I've been watching YouTube alot.  Looking at reviews on plus size clothing, makeup tutorials and wig reviews.  I've learned wigs are not longer called wigs but hair units.  I guess that's to make it sound fancy.  So with the new job and the more conservative environment I decided to give it a try.  If you read my blog regularly you saw my first unit here. That unit name is Darica by Model Model.  My new unit, which I love, doesn't have a cute name its Model Model Clean Cap Wig Number 2.  It kind of sad they didn't come up with a cute name for her because she is great. Anyway enough talk more pics.

Isn't she cute, here is a side by side of both units.

Loving the ease of changing my style and look.

Be Blessed & Smile

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Real - What I See When I Look In the Mirror

I'm a fashion blogger.  I share images of myself all the time.  I send pictures of my face and body throughout Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Pinterest.  However honestly some days it takes everything within me just to put on cloths and go to work.  I have/had crippling lack of self esteem.  Everyday I wake up and start the battle in my mind.  I look in the mirror and see things no one else does. Most days I change my outfit two or three times because of what someone might think or say.

I work the saying "Fake it til you make it".  I fake high self confidence because I know most of the negative things I'm thinking are just not true.  Even if they are true who cares right? But I do care sometimes.

Today was one of those days.  I got up and did something really positive for my body.  I worked out, Zumba Gold.  I still went through two outfit changes but I felt really good when I walked out the door.  However by the time I got to work I felt that I looked like crap.  No matter how many complements I got I couldn't receive them. I said thank you, but I didn't believe any of them.

I've come a long way, I wear cloths now that I would not have worn in the past.  The battle in my mind is won by the positive way more then the negative in comparison to two years ago.  

Maybe one day there won't be a battle.  I will just look in the mirror see my true reflection and love every bit of it.

Until then, tomorrow morning - let the battle begin.

Be Blessed & Smile

Black Medi Skirt with Movement

Recently in a post titled What "Living Within my Means" Means to Me I mentioned a thrift shop haul.  I promised outfit post to come.  Here is the great black medi skirt.

   My floral top was also thrift-ed.  Its such a pretty print.  Its just the right size for me.

I tried to spin so you could see the flow and movement. Didn't really work lol.

I've worn this skirt almost  times sense I got it.  Great find.

I'm also trying out a new hair look.  I love get up and go easy hair. 

Be Blessed & Smile 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day Florals

I guess better late then never.  I wasn't planning on doing a post about this dress but I got a lot of complements on Mother's Day about how I look in the dress so I thought why not.  I got the dress from Maxway. I didn't go into Maxway for a dress but when I saw this. I was like its to pretty to pass up.  The dress was $17.99. So within my budget.

 Be Blessed & Smile

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What "Living within Your Means" Means to Me

Lately I've been watching a certain skirt.  I get emails from this store so I'm always seeing the sales. I've wanted the skirt sense I first saw it last year. No I'm not showing a picture - its really not necessary for the point I'm about to make.

I've come close so many times.  Had it in the cart, was about to hit check out then stopped myself. Another time, I even put in my card information and was about to hit the submit button.  Then..... I stop, started thinking and close the page.  The skirt is $110. I'll pause so you can think about it lol.

So you can see why I have not made the purchase.  It has been on sale several times but even with the sale I cannot for the life of me force myself to buy that skirt. Have you ever been in that situation, just not being able to commit? Recently it was even on sale like 50% or 60% off.

Still couldn't pull the trigger.

 Am I cheap or what? Don't answer that.

With that in mind I went to the thrift shop yesterday looking for cute summer dresses for my daughter.  While in there I decided to look at the skirts.  No, I didn't find that skirt but what I left with made me so happy I don't really feel deprived about not buying the skirt.

Here's what I got.
My Daughter
Bag - $6.99
Dress (Hello Kitty) - $6.99
Dress - $3.99
3 Leggings - $3.99 each
Top - $3.99
Tutu Skort (Hello Kitty) - $4.99
2 Baby Disney Princess Dolls (Snow White & Cinderella) - .99 each

Black Medi Skirt $5.99
Floral Medi Skirt $5.99
 Kiyonna - $6.99 (Retails for $98.00 on their website)

As it turned out for the price of the one skirt I came home with an awesome thrift shop haul.

I'm not saying I will never buy that skirt but living within my means is not all bad.

Here the cute bag I got.  My daughter used it to carry here new Princess Babies.

Outfit post will be coming soon.

Be Blessed & Smile

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Budget Friendly Plus Size Midi Skirt

I'm doing one of my favorite activates- reading blogs.  I love checking out all my fellow plus size fashion bloggers.

 Normally I'm just looking for inspiration with the idea of maybe I'll see an outfit I can recreate on my budget.  I take the picture with me to the thrift store - not just looking for the exact same skirt or shirt but maybe the same color, style or cut.

  So I see a skirt on Curvatude.  The skirt is so cute and it has pockets. Who doesn't love a skirt with pockets.   I decide why not look just to see how much it is.  Maybe I can work some over time or just save up to get it.  I was totally shock when I saw the price.

  A fabulous skirt with pockets is only $29.99 from Rebdolls.  Now don't get me wrong $30 for a skirt is still more the I would normally pay but I was totally expecting to see between $60 to $90.  So I started looking at the other skirts; I love skirts in the Spring and Summer; none of the skirts I saw was over $35.

Okay enough talk here is the skirt that brought me to Rebdolls; plus another skirt I have my eyes on.

Be Blessed & Smile

Sunday, May 3, 2015

District Of Curves: Red Carpet Look

Last night District of Curves held their Full Figure Fashion Showcase.  It was a great event.  I loved the diversity of the models: shape, size and color.  It was great seeing how clothes would look on real shapes.  The music was pumping, the DJ was on point and the hostess Samantha Lebbie was so much fun.

I don't get out and attend a lot of events but I'm so glade I was able to attend this one.  Plus I got to see the wonderful Curvy CEO. She served as a Blogger Ambassador for the event.  Also, I met Tiffany of Policy and Fashion, who is new to blogging.  Meeting new people is another bonus of attending events.

So here is how I rocked the red carpet.


What I'm Wearing

Serena Williams Ponte Blazer with Faux Leather Detail on clearance $19.98


Until next time be blessed & smile.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Love - Hate

I love fashion.

I love having a job.

I love having options of what to wear to work.

I hate waking up every morning trying to figure out what to wear.

Being the new person at the job is hard enough but add the fact that everyone dresses so plain is killing me.  I wake every morning thinking is this to much color.  Is that professional without being stuffy.  Is stuffy really a word?  

Here is what I choose the other day. I added a green tank for the pop of color. 

Be Blessed & Smile

Monday, April 13, 2015

Gave IMAN a try

I recently order some pants by IMAN from HSN (Home Shopping Network).  They had a great deal o two pants for $39.95 on 3 Flexpay.  I was a little worried for two main reasons.  One, Talls are normally not tall enough for me (6'1); and two, every designers' size 3X is not the same.

When I received my pants I was so presently surprised.  They fit great.  I love these pants and plan on going back and ordering the black set.

Top Rainbow
Shoes Payless Sold Out

Be Blessed & Smile

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Fashion Show

I went to my local Avenue and saw this. 

Avenue Spring Fashion Show, so excited. I love plus fashion events.  I wished we have more in my area.  What make this event even more special is the customers will be modeling.  How awesome!!  Seeing the fashions on everyday shaped women is so cool. 

Event Details
Greenway Shopping Center
7429 Greenbelt Rd
Greenbelt, Md 20770
Saturday, May 2, 2015
2:00 pm

Come on out; you may see yours truly on the runway.

Be Blessed & Smile

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Job What to Wear??

Decisions, decisions with a new job come so many decisions.  401k, health insurance, buy lunch or bag lunch; it’s enough to make my head hurt.  I’m not complaining though.  It’s a great job and I love being employed lol.  One of my biggest decisions is what to wear every day. I've been watching what everyone else wears to get the feel for the atmosphere.  Everyone seems to wear black & gray.  I’m more into bright colors and animal prints.  So I’m slowly adding colors.  Today was Empress Teal color polo I recently got from  Avenue.  Love bright spring/summer color.

Also, I did my nails.  Came out really cute.  Plus it was totally cheaper the going to get another Mani.
  Used Sally press on design and blue nail polish to match total cost $2.  Thank you Dollar Tree.

Be Blessed & Smile

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Flash Back to Feel Good

Sometime when I'm not feeling to great about my body or my hair, I look back on pictures of when I felt great.  On this day, in the library, I was feeling really.  Loved the way my outfit came together.  Funny thing is I had these pieces for a while but never put them together.  This is what happens when I take my time and really look at what I have. Looking back helps me recapture those feelings of confidence and happiness.  It's my boost.  

Side note last post I told you I had a job interview.  I got the job!!!!  I'm in training.  

Be Blessed & Smile

Friday, March 13, 2015

Be Humble

I lost my job in September. Laid off due to market cut backs.

 I have been driving for Uber while I looked for another job.  I recently had to stop driving for Uber for two reasons the lowered their rates twice & most importantly my son started to tell me he missed me.  This is not a post to complain about Uber.  I think Uber is great if you have the time and support. 

 I'm a single mom I was working a lot just to bring home a minimum about of money.  Then my son started to saying when will I be home, are you going to work again, and I miss you.  So I had to take a step back and reevaluate what was important right now.  So I reduced my time working and stayed home in the evening with him.  This was and is not an easy choice.  Our cell phones are off, we have little money for food, and all my bills are behind except for the rent. 

This has really force me to humble myself.  I was on public assistance before and when I got off I told myself I wouldn't do it again.  I would not go back to those long line and the social workers speaking to me like I was less then because I couldn't feed my children.  But when your children come home and there is nothing or very little for them to eat swallow your pride is what you must do.  So I went, stood in that long line and applied for food stamps however this time around instead of standing there complaining I brought my book to read.  Every person that work there I had to talk to I smile at, ask how they were doing and said thank you. I was out of there in less than an hour everyone and everyone I worked with was truly nice.  

I'm still looking for work.  I have gone on an interview and as I'm writing this I believe I have the job.  I will find out Monday.  Life is always a up and down journey and being too proud to ask for help is not the most productive way to live.  I thank God for the help I have.

I'm still Smiling

Be Blessed & Smile

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Poor, Big Girl Rant

 Sometimes I read other blogs (well all the time) and it amazes me what some bloggers call budget friendly.  $51 for a dress is not budget friendly for me.  Don't get me wrong I love blogs and bloggers.  I get great inspiration from most of them.  I love plus size blogger.  Seeing their pictures looking stylish helps on days I feel my body is a curse.  But honestly does anyone really think of us poor, fat girls.  Us that have to choose which bill gets paid (the cable or the cell) because if both get paid we don't eat until the next pay check.  Us, poor, big girl that at the most can spare $20 to get ourselves something cute to wear.  Where is the blog dedicated to us? It might just be me.  Maybe they are out there but I can’t find them.  I know of one blog that has really consistently offer options for the poor, big girl that’s http://mythriftedcloset.blogspot.com/ by SheDel. Hey girl, I love you.  She really doesn’t blog much anymore because she does YouTube videos now at https://www.youtube.com/user/MyThriftedCloset. 

So does this mean poor, big girls should look like crape because we are poor?  Does the “love your plus size body and dress it well” movement not include the poor; the ones that make under $20,000 a year?  Do bloggers think we don’t read your blogs or want to read your blogs?  Maybe they think we can’t afford internet to read your blogs lol.  I personally can’t afford internet right now so I go to all the wonderful places that offer free WiFi.  So yes this poor, big girl does read your blogs and look I even have my own.

Ok, that’s the end of my rant.  I’m still smiling.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Curvy Girls Lingerie Shopping Soiree

So excited about attending this event.  Anytime I get to go out and do something just for me its great. Tickets are still available ladies.