Thursday, February 12, 2015

Poor, Big Girl Rant

 Sometimes I read other blogs (well all the time) and it amazes me what some bloggers call budget friendly.  $51 for a dress is not budget friendly for me.  Don't get me wrong I love blogs and bloggers.  I get great inspiration from most of them.  I love plus size blogger.  Seeing their pictures looking stylish helps on days I feel my body is a curse.  But honestly does anyone really think of us poor, fat girls.  Us that have to choose which bill gets paid (the cable or the cell) because if both get paid we don't eat until the next pay check.  Us, poor, big girl that at the most can spare $20 to get ourselves something cute to wear.  Where is the blog dedicated to us? It might just be me.  Maybe they are out there but I can’t find them.  I know of one blog that has really consistently offer options for the poor, big girl that’s by SheDel. Hey girl, I love you.  She really doesn’t blog much anymore because she does YouTube videos now at 

So does this mean poor, big girls should look like crape because we are poor?  Does the “love your plus size body and dress it well” movement not include the poor; the ones that make under $20,000 a year?  Do bloggers think we don’t read your blogs or want to read your blogs?  Maybe they think we can’t afford internet to read your blogs lol.  I personally can’t afford internet right now so I go to all the wonderful places that offer free WiFi.  So yes this poor, big girl does read your blogs and look I even have my own.

Ok, that’s the end of my rant.  I’m still smiling.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Curvy Girls Lingerie Shopping Soiree

So excited about attending this event.  Anytime I get to go out and do something just for me its great. Tickets are still available ladies.