Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Love - Hate

I love fashion.

I love having a job.

I love having options of what to wear to work.

I hate waking up every morning trying to figure out what to wear.

Being the new person at the job is hard enough but add the fact that everyone dresses so plain is killing me.  I wake every morning thinking is this to much color.  Is that professional without being stuffy.  Is stuffy really a word?  

Here is what I choose the other day. I added a green tank for the pop of color. 

Be Blessed & Smile

Monday, April 13, 2015

Gave IMAN a try

I recently order some pants by IMAN from HSN (Home Shopping Network).  They had a great deal o two pants for $39.95 on 3 Flexpay.  I was a little worried for two main reasons.  One, Talls are normally not tall enough for me (6'1); and two, every designers' size 3X is not the same.

When I received my pants I was so presently surprised.  They fit great.  I love these pants and plan on going back and ordering the black set.

Top Rainbow
Shoes Payless Sold Out

Be Blessed & Smile

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Fashion Show

I went to my local Avenue and saw this. 

Avenue Spring Fashion Show, so excited. I love plus fashion events.  I wished we have more in my area.  What make this event even more special is the customers will be modeling.  How awesome!!  Seeing the fashions on everyday shaped women is so cool. 

Event Details
Greenway Shopping Center
7429 Greenbelt Rd
Greenbelt, Md 20770
Saturday, May 2, 2015
2:00 pm

Come on out; you may see yours truly on the runway.

Be Blessed & Smile

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Job What to Wear??

Decisions, decisions with a new job come so many decisions.  401k, health insurance, buy lunch or bag lunch; it’s enough to make my head hurt.  I’m not complaining though.  It’s a great job and I love being employed lol.  One of my biggest decisions is what to wear every day. I've been watching what everyone else wears to get the feel for the atmosphere.  Everyone seems to wear black & gray.  I’m more into bright colors and animal prints.  So I’m slowly adding colors.  Today was Empress Teal color polo I recently got from  Avenue.  Love bright spring/summer color.

Also, I did my nails.  Came out really cute.  Plus it was totally cheaper the going to get another Mani.
  Used Sally press on design and blue nail polish to match total cost $2.  Thank you Dollar Tree.

Be Blessed & Smile

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Flash Back to Feel Good

Sometime when I'm not feeling to great about my body or my hair, I look back on pictures of when I felt great.  On this day, in the library, I was feeling really.  Loved the way my outfit came together.  Funny thing is I had these pieces for a while but never put them together.  This is what happens when I take my time and really look at what I have. Looking back helps me recapture those feelings of confidence and happiness.  It's my boost.  

Side note last post I told you I had a job interview.  I got the job!!!!  I'm in training.  

Be Blessed & Smile