Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Real - What I See When I Look In the Mirror

I'm a fashion blogger.  I share images of myself all the time.  I send pictures of my face and body throughout Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Pinterest.  However honestly some days it takes everything within me just to put on cloths and go to work.  I have/had crippling lack of self esteem.  Everyday I wake up and start the battle in my mind.  I look in the mirror and see things no one else does. Most days I change my outfit two or three times because of what someone might think or say.

I work the saying "Fake it til you make it".  I fake high self confidence because I know most of the negative things I'm thinking are just not true.  Even if they are true who cares right? But I do care sometimes.

Today was one of those days.  I got up and did something really positive for my body.  I worked out, Zumba Gold.  I still went through two outfit changes but I felt really good when I walked out the door.  However by the time I got to work I felt that I looked like crap.  No matter how many complements I got I couldn't receive them. I said thank you, but I didn't believe any of them.

I've come a long way, I wear cloths now that I would not have worn in the past.  The battle in my mind is won by the positive way more then the negative in comparison to two years ago.  

Maybe one day there won't be a battle.  I will just look in the mirror see my true reflection and love every bit of it.

Until then, tomorrow morning - let the battle begin.

Be Blessed & Smile

Black Medi Skirt with Movement

Recently in a post titled What "Living Within my Means" Means to Me I mentioned a thrift shop haul.  I promised outfit post to come.  Here is the great black medi skirt.

   My floral top was also thrift-ed.  Its such a pretty print.  Its just the right size for me.

I tried to spin so you could see the flow and movement. Didn't really work lol.

I've worn this skirt almost  times sense I got it.  Great find.

I'm also trying out a new hair look.  I love get up and go easy hair. 

Be Blessed & Smile 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day Florals

I guess better late then never.  I wasn't planning on doing a post about this dress but I got a lot of complements on Mother's Day about how I look in the dress so I thought why not.  I got the dress from Maxway. I didn't go into Maxway for a dress but when I saw this. I was like its to pretty to pass up.  The dress was $17.99. So within my budget.

 Be Blessed & Smile

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What "Living within Your Means" Means to Me

Lately I've been watching a certain skirt.  I get emails from this store so I'm always seeing the sales. I've wanted the skirt sense I first saw it last year. No I'm not showing a picture - its really not necessary for the point I'm about to make.

I've come close so many times.  Had it in the cart, was about to hit check out then stopped myself. Another time, I even put in my card information and was about to hit the submit button.  Then..... I stop, started thinking and close the page.  The skirt is $110. I'll pause so you can think about it lol.

So you can see why I have not made the purchase.  It has been on sale several times but even with the sale I cannot for the life of me force myself to buy that skirt. Have you ever been in that situation, just not being able to commit? Recently it was even on sale like 50% or 60% off.

Still couldn't pull the trigger.

 Am I cheap or what? Don't answer that.

With that in mind I went to the thrift shop yesterday looking for cute summer dresses for my daughter.  While in there I decided to look at the skirts.  No, I didn't find that skirt but what I left with made me so happy I don't really feel deprived about not buying the skirt.

Here's what I got.
My Daughter
Bag - $6.99
Dress (Hello Kitty) - $6.99
Dress - $3.99
3 Leggings - $3.99 each
Top - $3.99
Tutu Skort (Hello Kitty) - $4.99
2 Baby Disney Princess Dolls (Snow White & Cinderella) - .99 each

Black Medi Skirt $5.99
Floral Medi Skirt $5.99
 Kiyonna - $6.99 (Retails for $98.00 on their website)

As it turned out for the price of the one skirt I came home with an awesome thrift shop haul.

I'm not saying I will never buy that skirt but living within my means is not all bad.

Here the cute bag I got.  My daughter used it to carry here new Princess Babies.

Outfit post will be coming soon.

Be Blessed & Smile

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Budget Friendly Plus Size Midi Skirt

I'm doing one of my favorite activates- reading blogs.  I love checking out all my fellow plus size fashion bloggers.

 Normally I'm just looking for inspiration with the idea of maybe I'll see an outfit I can recreate on my budget.  I take the picture with me to the thrift store - not just looking for the exact same skirt or shirt but maybe the same color, style or cut.

  So I see a skirt on Curvatude.  The skirt is so cute and it has pockets. Who doesn't love a skirt with pockets.   I decide why not look just to see how much it is.  Maybe I can work some over time or just save up to get it.  I was totally shock when I saw the price.

  A fabulous skirt with pockets is only $29.99 from Rebdolls.  Now don't get me wrong $30 for a skirt is still more the I would normally pay but I was totally expecting to see between $60 to $90.  So I started looking at the other skirts; I love skirts in the Spring and Summer; none of the skirts I saw was over $35.

Okay enough talk here is the skirt that brought me to Rebdolls; plus another skirt I have my eyes on.

Be Blessed & Smile

Sunday, May 3, 2015

District Of Curves: Red Carpet Look

Last night District of Curves held their Full Figure Fashion Showcase.  It was a great event.  I loved the diversity of the models: shape, size and color.  It was great seeing how clothes would look on real shapes.  The music was pumping, the DJ was on point and the hostess Samantha Lebbie was so much fun.

I don't get out and attend a lot of events but I'm so glade I was able to attend this one.  Plus I got to see the wonderful Curvy CEO. She served as a Blogger Ambassador for the event.  Also, I met Tiffany of Policy and Fashion, who is new to blogging.  Meeting new people is another bonus of attending events.

So here is how I rocked the red carpet.


What I'm Wearing

Serena Williams Ponte Blazer with Faux Leather Detail on clearance $19.98


Until next time be blessed & smile.