Saturday, May 9, 2015

Budget Friendly Plus Size Midi Skirt

I'm doing one of my favorite activates- reading blogs.  I love checking out all my fellow plus size fashion bloggers.

 Normally I'm just looking for inspiration with the idea of maybe I'll see an outfit I can recreate on my budget.  I take the picture with me to the thrift store - not just looking for the exact same skirt or shirt but maybe the same color, style or cut.

  So I see a skirt on Curvatude.  The skirt is so cute and it has pockets. Who doesn't love a skirt with pockets.   I decide why not look just to see how much it is.  Maybe I can work some over time or just save up to get it.  I was totally shock when I saw the price.

  A fabulous skirt with pockets is only $29.99 from Rebdolls.  Now don't get me wrong $30 for a skirt is still more the I would normally pay but I was totally expecting to see between $60 to $90.  So I started looking at the other skirts; I love skirts in the Spring and Summer; none of the skirts I saw was over $35.

Okay enough talk here is the skirt that brought me to Rebdolls; plus another skirt I have my eyes on.

Be Blessed & Smile


  1. That stripped skirt is everything! <3

  2. The striped skirt really pops against the black top and shoes. Definitely a good buy.

  3. Late to the party but glad I found your blog via #blmgirl because hunni I've been drooling over the midi skirts on ASOS and Eloquii for awhile now but I do most of my clothing shopping on clearance racks and the price point just was never low enough for me. Thanks for sharing! I think I can talk hubby into this purchase due to the price.