Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Real - What I See When I Look In the Mirror

I'm a fashion blogger.  I share images of myself all the time.  I send pictures of my face and body throughout Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Pinterest.  However honestly some days it takes everything within me just to put on cloths and go to work.  I have/had crippling lack of self esteem.  Everyday I wake up and start the battle in my mind.  I look in the mirror and see things no one else does. Most days I change my outfit two or three times because of what someone might think or say.

I work the saying "Fake it til you make it".  I fake high self confidence because I know most of the negative things I'm thinking are just not true.  Even if they are true who cares right? But I do care sometimes.

Today was one of those days.  I got up and did something really positive for my body.  I worked out, Zumba Gold.  I still went through two outfit changes but I felt really good when I walked out the door.  However by the time I got to work I felt that I looked like crap.  No matter how many complements I got I couldn't receive them. I said thank you, but I didn't believe any of them.

I've come a long way, I wear cloths now that I would not have worn in the past.  The battle in my mind is won by the positive way more then the negative in comparison to two years ago.  

Maybe one day there won't be a battle.  I will just look in the mirror see my true reflection and love every bit of it.

Until then, tomorrow morning - let the battle begin.

Be Blessed & Smile


  1. Awww, we all have those days! I feel it totally lately with my recent weight gain. Just keep on the journey and know that even the most confident person has those days! (thats what i tell myself)

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  3. Yes, we all have days like that- in fact, most of my days are like that! I'm glad to hear that you're able to work through it. You look great!

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