Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Janelle Monae & Ankle Pants

I am 6'1.  I have been this height sense high school.  So pants have always been an issue for me.  The comments of my youth have stayed with me for so long that when the ankle pants trend first started I just refused to try it. Its crazy how things that happened a life time ago still dictate my behavior today.   I finally gave in and brought a pair of black ankle pants from Lane Bryant.  Mostly because they were on clearance.  Less then $10.00 for a pair of Lane Bryant pants can't be beat.  

So here is my recreation of a Janelle Monae outfit from my closet.  

I just notice the hair is similar also.  Not on purpose. 

I will be buying more Ankle Pants.  I really like the look.

Be Blessed & Smile


  1. I like the look. $10 at Lane Bryant, yes *swipes card immediately* I think I channel Janelle Monae on a regular basis because although I love pops of color, most of my closet is black and white (oh & I wear my hair naturally as well) LOL!
    But about the pants, see now, I'm short (5'4") and I struggle with pants as well. I'm basically too tall for petites and too short for regular pants. I think all stores should just have a tailor so you can get your clothes altered as soon as you buy them. #ijs #blmgirl

  2. What a great look - I might have to copy that myself!!

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