Monday, February 8, 2016

Failure & Starting Over

How many time do you start over? One, two, three or four.  When do you get to the point of think maybe I can't do this. If you try to accomplish a goal but never succeed.  Do you think maybe I'm just not meant to have this or do this.  I'm at that point in my journey.  I've tried at least four time to finish college.  Not even for career advancement, but just to accomplish a goal.  However  each and even time I've stopped.  The reasons vary from getting pregnant while in college to my job & school schedule did flow.  I had to keep my job.  I had two children to feed by that time.  The last time I stopped was my own insecurities.  I worked so hard on my final paper but  received a C.  I was crushed. Looking back on it know I should of sucked it up and kept going.  That's the thing about self esteem, if its low then the slightest hit will cause a major effect.
So here I go again giving it another go.  I'm thinking about what will be different for me this time. Honestly, I have not idea.
Any suggestions?

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