Monday, March 28, 2016

New Year - New Start

It's spring which means for me finding something to do or restarting something I have not completed.  I'm doing a little of both this year.  I'm going back to doing things I enjoyed doing & I'm pushing myself to finished things I've always wanted to do but believed was too hard for me. 

I enjoyed blogging, sharing my ideas, life and pictures was always fun to me.  It seemed like a great way to meet people and make friends; even if they was only on social networks.  I stopped because I got caught up in what my blog should be compared to someone else or why I don't have a lot of followers.  Thank you to my faithful 3 followers your AWESOME.  It started to feel like work. I already have a full time job that feels like work every minute of the day while I'm there.  I didn't want  that feeling blogging too.  So I stopped.

 School the academic part of school has always been a challenge for me.  I have some self esteem issues.  I've never really felt smart enough to get a degree so when ever I received a low grade I would tell myself see your not smart enough for this. So I stopped.

See the trend here.

Finally, enough is enough.  I'm getting too old for this foolishness.  I have to enjoy the life I have left to live.  So what if I only have 3 followers.  So what if I get a "C" not an "A".  I must make myself happy.  I'm worth it.  I wake up everyday now and tell myself I am well able.

With that being said I got myself a gift to help me along the way.
Isn't she cute.  She, yes she, will help me start blogging again and go back to school online.  I even found a HBUC (Historically Black College/University) online - Hampton University. Yes that was important to me if I'm going to spend money going to school I might as well support my own. 

Tell every body I'm on my way again lol.  I love to start over but this time I plan to finish.  So in two years or however long it takes me I will post a picture of me in my cap & gown.  I know I will enjoy that.


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