Saturday, April 2, 2016

Adore Me Review

First and for most I am not getting paid for this review. 
Adore Me has never contacted me. 
I have a personal membership.

I joined a mail order lingerie site/store. It's called  Adore Me.  They call themselves "The New Face Of Lingerie".  It works in two ways VIP Membership or Pay As You Go.  The two options are pretty self explanatory so I wont go into detail except to say if you choose VIP make sure you remember to skip the month before the 4th if you don't want to buy anything. I made that mistake messed up my budget a little. It was not the fault of Adore Me.  They send out email reminders for you. I just wasn't paying attention.

 I decided to join because of two major reasons the offerings in plus size and the prices.  They have great selections going all  they up to size 42G in bras and 6XL in lingerie. Its really cute stuff too.  They also have swim wear. Its hard to find sexy, pretty lingerie in plus size that's within my budget.  That brings me to my second reason affordability.  A bra & panty set with Adore Me is $39.99 or less.  That's the price of a bra at some/most plus size stores.

Basically I really am enjoying my membership.  Its great to have the option to buy or not buy.  Plus, sometimes they offer free gifts when you do buy.  I'll show the fun bag I received with my last order.

Side not posting these pictures for me is a huge step.  I would have never done this in the past but like I said in my last post its a  New Year-New Start.
So her we go.

This is the bag I was talking about.  Its a cross body bag. 
Can you see the definition of adore- to love and respect some one deeply.
So I must love myself enough to put pretty things on my body to make myself happy. 

Go check them out. 
If you join using my link Adore Me Invite Friends I get a credit for referring you so thanks.
Also let me know what you think.  Do you like them or nah?

Be Blessed & Smile

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