Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Real: Natural vs. Natural

I've noticed on Instagram, Facebook and in my everyday face to face life the difference reactions I receive when I wear my hair in different styles.  Its interesting to me.  When I post/wear my hair manipulated but curling creams and gels I get so many likes and compliments.  Then when I wear my hair truly, what I think is natural, with no hair products I get less compliments or likes or none at all.  Its funny because the reactions are from my community, black people and the natural hair community. It seems to me we still have an issue with our true natural hair.  Why?  Is it we still want to fit into a certain look? Why would controlled curls be better then uncontrolled puffy?  My hair when it doesn't have products in it stands up.  It doesn't lay down. But isn't that the beauty of our hair?  That it defies gravity, its soft and fluffy, it has life to it.  This is not to say anything against wash n' go ladies or people who like or prefer that style. I wear that style often.  I'm just wondering if we have come as far as a community as we would like to think?

Be Blessed & Smile

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