Sunday, July 31, 2016

OOTD : Winter All Year

I've never been a person to not wear something I liked because of the seasons.  If its short or thin I just modify it and wear it anyway.  So the other day when I got dressed, I ask my daughter how I looked. Her response was cute but very winter.  Then she suggested I change in to some jeans.  I looked at my outfit and started to go change but I stopped myself. I thought I like what I have on.  So I went out in my "winter" look. 

I got several compliments. Plus I felt great all day.  That is what fashion is all about.

Outfit Details
Skirt: Women Within
Shoes: Torrid


What Are You? African Ancestry

I remember being a work one day when a new employee was introducing his self.  We was all talking and I asked him was he Hispanic because of his name but he didn't have an accent so I wasn't sure. He explain his background. He was Hispanic by American terms but what was interesting was he was able to tell us exactly what his family lineage was.  He was Spanish in the real term as his mother and farther were from Spain. Although he was born in America he considered him self Spanish and had dual citizenship.  Everyone involved in the discussion was able to do this. Then he asked me what I was. I was the only black person in the group. I had to explain I am a decendent of slaves and as such I don't know exactly what my lineage is.
I felt so robbed and exposed by that experience.  Its was as if I was missing a part of me.
I heard about African Ancestry a while ago but in all honesty the price stopped me. However I promised myself if I every got any extra money I would make the sacrifice.
Finally I've done it.

 The package

The full kit
My complete test.
In the mail.

I have to wait 6 - 8 weeks for the results.

I will now be able to know and start to research my roots.  So next time when some one asked me what are you I can truly answer.

Be Blessed & Smile

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Journey Contiues

I have learned so much about myself this year. It hasn't all been perfect but I feel like the real Krystal is starting to live. I started by just accepting what is, what I cannot change and being happy anyway.
I was fired from a job.
I decided to take this time to go back to school.
My application for financial aid was denied.
I filed an appeal.
I got a new job, some thought was benneth me.
It hurt me but I decided to enjoy the freedom of the job.
My appeal was approved.
My job works around my school scheduled.
Some things are hard: homework, studying, still taking care of my children but life is good.

I got a B in my first class. So proud of myself.

Be Blessed & Smile

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Review: Women Within Knit Midi

Every month my mom gets catalogs Roamans, Women Within and Jessica London to name a few.  I look through them, then normally into the recycle they go.  However recently I was looking for a khaki colored skirt to wear to work.  I noticed Women Within catalog was a having a great sale going. First, their 7-Day knit A-line Skirt was 2/$22. Second, 30% off each additional item with a purchase of 3 or more items.  So I figured I would give them a try.  With a deal like that I purchased 3 skirts: khaki, olive and berry. My first one was $11, the other 2 was $7.70.

I love a skirt with pockets.  The material is soft and thick. It will work into the fall and winter with some tights.  I can see these skirts becoming my go to skirts.  I will be going back for more colors.

Here I am on my way to work.

Yes, I work at Target. This post is not endorsed by Target at all.

Be Bless & Smile


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

L.A. Colors Color Lip Balm

A new Dollar Tree opened recently near me.  I finally had time to go check it out.  I enjoy going to Dollar Tree. You never know what new items you may discover.   This time I found
L.A Colors Color Lip Balms.

I'm totally into purple lips right now so of course I got the one that looks purple with the purple writing on it.  The name is so cute "Ka-pow!"   This lip balm says it moisturizes while giving a light tint of color.  When I first put it on I was surprise how substantial it felt on my lips, very moisturizing.  The moisture lasted most of the day.  I only had to reapply after meals.  

The color to me was very pigmented. Wasn't the color I was expecting.  More of a pink then purple but still nice.

Here are my lip bare.

These are with the Lip Balm
Pink not purple

My hand in the shot lol

I decided to put my Wet n Wild metallic liquid lipstick in "Indigo Your Own Way" over it to get the purple I was looking for.  I know the name seems like it should be blue but its purple.

Loved this combo.

If your around a Dollar Tree grab one its worth the $1.

Be Blessed & Smile