Sunday, July 31, 2016

What Are You? African Ancestry

I remember being a work one day when a new employee was introducing his self.  We was all talking and I asked him was he Hispanic because of his name but he didn't have an accent so I wasn't sure. He explain his background. He was Hispanic by American terms but what was interesting was he was able to tell us exactly what his family lineage was.  He was Spanish in the real term as his mother and farther were from Spain. Although he was born in America he considered him self Spanish and had dual citizenship.  Everyone involved in the discussion was able to do this. Then he asked me what I was. I was the only black person in the group. I had to explain I am a decendent of slaves and as such I don't know exactly what my lineage is.
I felt so robbed and exposed by that experience.  Its was as if I was missing a part of me.
I heard about African Ancestry a while ago but in all honesty the price stopped me. However I promised myself if I every got any extra money I would make the sacrifice.
Finally I've done it.

 The package

The full kit
My complete test.
In the mail.

I have to wait 6 - 8 weeks for the results.

I will now be able to know and start to research my roots.  So next time when some one asked me what are you I can truly answer.

Be Blessed & Smile

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