Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gardening: Transition

Hi Everyone

I've shared before that I started my first garden.  I most say its is very addictive.  I enjoy going out back each morning to water and see what changes have happened.  I've been watching YouTube, reading and talking to my elders to learn.  Every new change just make me want to try new or different things.

I started my garden with mostly bags because they are economical, take up less room and work just as well as other containers.

This was the beginning and middle of my garden.  If you follow me on my other social media accounts (which you should lol) you've seen these pictures before.  I had great results with the bags. Learned which store bags work best and last the longest (Walmart) just my opinion.  However I always worried if the bag had enough soil and was holding moisture.  So, as I continued to learn I decided to transition to different containers. 
Still looking for the most economic and free is the most economic isn't it.  I looked at two YouTube videos that gave good ways to find free growing containers.

I followed their advance and was able to get two containers free and I plan on going back for more this week.


As you can see I've transition some into buckets and wooden raised bed.  

Here is a before and after view.

Okay my hand is starting to hurt but I wanted to share what's happening in my garden.  

Be Blessed & Smile