Saturday, September 29, 2018

African American Lit/ The Gilda Stories by Jewelle Gomez

Chapter One
Louisiana: 1850

Choosing to die.  How does someone choose to die?  What happens in your life that pushes you to that point? 
This chapter gives a lot information about the main characters, but my assignment isn’t to give a summery.  It is to report my take a way.  
The story is a vampire story, but the twist is that the main character is a runaway slave girl.  
The girl ends up with a vampire couple (women). The girl lives with them and grows with them eventually she becomes a vampire.  

Her maker picks her with the specific purpose of replacing herself as she has chosen to die.  She talks about it as peace.  She speaks of being tired and wanting rest.  
My thoughts are having the ability to live forever and not wanting it seems crazy. Why would some want to die?  What terrible things do you have to see to make you choose finality?  If faced with such a decision would I ever choose death?   

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