Tuesday, September 18, 2018

My Hope for this Series

During this fall semester I will share my thoughts about readings we are doing in my African American Literature class.  My blog post will be self-reflective.  Most of my post will be from a view point of my personal experiences and how the readings affect me. 

If you have followed my blog for a while you know I am a non-traditional student.  I have vast life experiences from being a mom to almost dying.   So my views on certain topics will be different then a younger student. 

My professor asks us to share who our audience is.  I would hope that the followers that I have will continue to follow.  I also like to think my audience is older adults that didn’t get the opportunity to go after their dreams.  I hope as they watch me on YouTube or read my blog that it would encourage them.  I hope by watching me struggle with some of the difficult classes, and go through the process of joining a sorority they can know it’s possible for them to do it too. 

When I first started blogging and posting to YouTube it was because I didn’t see anyone like me going through a similar journey.  That is the same reason I continue to do it. 
So, I guess my main audience is people like me going after their dreams or wanting to go after their dreams but need a little encouragement. 

Thanks for reading.

Be Blessed & Smile 

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