Wednesday, October 3, 2018

African American Lit/ The Gilda Stories by Jewelle Gomez

Chapter Two
Yerba Buena: 1890
Why don’t we ever listen to our elders?
Why do we think we know it all?

In chapter two these question are my thoughts.  Throughout this chapter Gilda is repeatedly warned by her elders.  The people she traveled for years to find.  They warn her that Eleanor; another vampire; was not who she appeared to be.  Gilda was told Eleanor is a master of persuasion and getting people to do things, even murder, for her.

Its amazes me even in real life how younger people think they know so much more than people who have lived twice as long as them. Then fall flat on their faces or asses. 

Remember your elder tried to warn you.  
Remember they told you not to deal with a certain person or go to a certain place but no. 

Gilda learned a hard lesson.  Fortunately she a vampire and didn’t get permanently physical hurt, but she is emotionally scared.  With her being immortal that scare will last as long as she does.

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