Thursday, October 4, 2018

African American Lit/African American Literary Theory

Chapter 34
Revision and (Re)memberance
A theory of Literary /structures in Literature by African-American Women Writers

Karla F.C. Holloway (1990)

In this essay the author shows the act of (re)memberance in African-American women writings by comparing several pieces. Such as The Bluest Eye; Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo; and Maud Martha. The author states “Whether it is gender or culture or a complication of both that has directed the works of contemporary African-American women writers toward this exploration of the state of being of its voices, the various linguistic postures within these text are clearly intertextual”.  

The author believes in each text there is an act (re)memberance.  (Re)-memberance is “shared” tradition belies the scattering effects of the diaspora as well as its contradictory “gathering” simply means “wholeness”. 

Although each story is different the thread of (re)memberance runs through them.  It reminds of how African-Americans acknowledge each other immediately when we walk in a room with majority non-African-Americans. 

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