Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I Miss Thrifting

We are not on complete lockdown in DC but everything non-essential is closed.  😢 Which means the thrift stores are closed.  Don't get me wrong I understand why.  It's just my daughter's birthday is this months and normally we would go to the thrift store and walk around, talk looking and searching.   We would go to eat, come home, wash and/or play with her new items.  It was an event for us.  My daughter loved it. I loved it.  I don't miss shopping, I miss the experiences with my daughter for her birthday.

So I'm online looking for fun stuff within budget for her.  It's not the same experience.  I can't share this with her because she will see things outside our budget and want them.  I then will have to say no or tell her that is over our budget.  I rarely almost never had to do that at the thrift store.  No child getting excited for their birthday wants to hear that's not in our budget.  My daughter understands budgeting but still what parent wants to say no on a birthday.

The change in life due to COVID-19 is a lot.  Some of the changes haven't been fully felt yet.  I'm feeling this one.

Be Blessed and Safe
I'm Still Smiling

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