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i. project background

the company produces more than 80 series of more than 800 series of more than 800 varieties of wall switches, floor plugs, mobile plugs, ventilation fans, yuba, etc.; advanced manufacturing technology, numerous injection molding equipment, stable product quality, good market reputation, deep welcomed by users. in 1998, it obtained the national industrial product production license. in 2000, it took the lead in passing the is09002 international quality system certification, and obtained the chinese electrical product safety certification, the china building association recommended products, and the chinese national product compulsory certification. all products are from china pacific insurance company. underwriting, in 2007, it was rated as a class a “contract-honoring and credit-keeping” unit of zhejiang industrial and commercial enterprise credit; the total assets of the enterprise are more than 50 million yuan, the plant area is 22,000 square meters, and there are more than 500 employees. the marketing network covers all provinces and cities and overseas. more than 30 countries and regions.

2. customer needs

what problems did the customer encounter:

1. the material carrying method is varied; the tooling return line is too long and the flexibility is poor; the production line is more traditional; the space utilization rate is not high;

2. the flow of people, logistics, and detours lead to a large number of incidental operations without added value. the 5s on-site is poor, and there are too many wip products on site;

3. information transmission depends on information, information records are written, and information is lagging;

4. the material distribution method is a typical one-time large-volume delivery method. once an abnormality occurs in a material, it will cause batch errors.

5. there are a large number of incidental work with no added value during the operation.

lean production line analysis:

1. designing the layout and quantity of lean production lines according to tt;

2. the line body meets the requirements of flexibility and expandability, and can be continuously upgraded to meet the production needs of different products and different processes;

3. the lean production line equipment is modularized, and the lean production line can be assembled freely to improve the efficiency and longevity of the equipment;

4. according to pqpq (order quantity, process path), classify the line body.

lean production line benefits:

the production balance rate has been greatly improved;

the space utilization rate of the site is saved and the floor space is reduced;

optimize the 5s site for easy management and the overall look of the company;

the first mention is flexible, can be quickly switched, and quickly respond to the market;

reduce personnel and achieve provincialization.

3. project improvement

before improvement

after improvementx2.jpg
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