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shenzhen xx electric appliance co., ltd
because our products have many electronic components, so the anti-static requirements are relatively high, you provide us with a stainless steel lean tube to make the production line, stainless steel lean tube looks neat and beautiful, and durable. the flexibility of the lean tube is particularly suitable for the produ……
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shenzhen xx auto parts co., ltd
since we found you to design and produce turnover equipment for us, we have been very happy to cooperate. they not only have good professionalism, but also have a fast response. samples can be completed on time for each product proofing. because they have done a lot of customers in our industry, they have rich experien……
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huizhou xx automobile electric appliance co., ltd
our company has been in existence for more than ten years, and it is more difficult to change than some emerging companies, but we still intend to continue on the road of lean production. it is inevitable that you can find it by chance. it is inevitable that you can communicate with your salesmen in the early stage. th……
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xxx air conditioning co., ltd
is indeed a professional lean production solution service provider. has provided us with automatic returning racks, lean tube pusher production lines and other equipment. in the past, we used old-fashioned workbench. each station needs to be manually handled to take the product, which is a waste of time and may damage ……
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shenzhen xxx copper valve co., ltd
first of all, i am very grateful for the service we have been providing and the 5s management of our factory. our previous workbench was an iron-welded workbench, cumbersome and ugly, and the field wiring was messy. after the transformation of dia, our site 5s has been greatly improved, the design of the workbench is r……
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shenzhen xx intelligent technology co., ltd
because our products are heavy and bulky, we have designed an assembly workbench with rollers and used the layout of the u-shaped production line. because we are a new factory, the layout of the overall production line has come to help us. completed. from the feedback of these months, the overall layout of the producti……
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