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i. project background

with the changes in the market and the customer's request to the supplier, decker's on-site management and management system can no longer meet the needs of existing customers. it is urgent to improve the management level of the site and the internal management level of the company, reduce waste in the production process, and build ability to meet customer needs on-site management.

as a result, the company decided to dock with ningbo dia industrial equipment co., ltd. to carry out a lean on-site improvement management consulting project.

2. customer needs

general manager:

1 improve the level of on-site management

2 to create a site that can meet customer needs

3 reduce process waste

4 on-site 5s management level improvement

improve the goal:

1 smooth layout to create

2 exhibition hall to create on-site

3 site utilization increased by more than 20%

4 handling frequency is reduced by more than 10%

5 handling distance shortened by more than 10%

6 in-stock inventory reduced by more than 40%

iii. improvement of the project
before improvement
四.improvement effectx3.png
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