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now the company's sleepy mirror:

1. in the fierce market competition, enterprises need to win with price and quality from profiteering and barbaric growth to a low-profit era. forcing enterprises to develop in the direction of high efficiency, high quality, energy saving and cost reduction.

2. increase in labor costs: demographic dividends gradually disappear, labor shortages, rising wages year by year, high turnover rate, high training costs, unstable quality, affecting the shipping period. the proportion of labor costs in the cost is increasing, requiring enterprises to carry out automation transformation, reduce the number of operators and improve productivity.

3. the production model tends to be multi-variety and small batch. with the development of science and technology, human beings have higher and higher requirements for the function and quality of products, the cycle of product renewal is becoming shorter and shorter, and the complexity of products is also increasing. the traditional mass production methods are challenged. multi-variety, small batch production, low special equipment, frequent replacement and adjustment of fixtures, increasing process stability and increasing production efficiency. enterprises need to transform production equipment, tooling, and strengthen production management methods to achieve flexible production, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and reduce risks and waste in the warehouse.

4. automation requires a large amount of capital investment. it is a high-investment, high-efficiency, high-risk development model. it is difficult for most smes to adopt and can only take the road of low-cost industrial control automation.

china's manufacturing industry is positioned and manufactured in the industrial chain throughout the industrial chain. most of the products are in the initial stage of processing and manufacturing. china's manufacturing industry is currently in a low value-added and low-tech content. for small and medium-sized enterprises, the automation transformation needs to be done: starting from the more mature automation technology, starting from the part of the factory that is urgently to be upgraded and upgraded. for the strength of large enterprises: to understand that automation upgrades can not be solved with money, and must not pursue one step. according to the current state of the art, companies that truly realize "unmanned factories" and "black light factories" are rare in the world. there is still a big gap between chinese companies and german companies, and they have to supplement the courses of industry 2.0 and 3.0.

the improvements that lica can bring:

1. improve production efficiency:

the work efficiency is low, the work intensity is high, and the production efficiency is improved by the process of eliminating, combining, adjusting, refining, simplifying, using fixtures and equipment instead of manual work.

low-cost intelligent automation (lcia) eliminates production line bottlenecks through job analysis, increases production line balance, and improves production efficiency of the entire production line.

2. less people:

low-cost intelligent automation (lcia) adopts the concept of lean production, the equipment is simple and compact, the function is dedicated, the replacement is convenient, and the changeover time is extremely short. the production line is flexible. pay attention to the combination of man and machine, fully realize the wisdom and creativity of people. the production line requires only a small number of operators and equipment to work together. can achieve a small number of people, production changes or personnel changes can also be produced normally.

3. improve product quality:

the quality of manual work is difficult to ensure the position. low-cost intelligent automation (lcia) pays special attention to the high quality of products, and quality error prevention (qep) technology can prevent the generation and outflow of defective products.

4. improve the working environment:

dust, noise, poisonous and harmful posts. it is easier to automate the production line, equipment, and fixtures instead of pure manual work to make the working environment safer.
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contact: mr. cao
address: no. 3, block b, building 1, citic fuyong industrial city, fuyong street, baoan district, shenzhen
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